Michael idehall & Olle Huge

Sönderbyggd is an audio-visual duo focusing on the aesthetic manifestation of the temporal tension
between creation and destruction.
Acoustic energy is injected into porous mater and viscous liquids to create hybrid realtime materials
which are conditioned by aesthetic concept and composition.
As a duo the artists represent the universal dichotomies which are depicted in their performances
and it is the tension between expression and aesthetics, ethos and praxis, life and death
which animate the ideas and realise the manifestation of the prima materia
which is the omnidirectional force that is channelled on stage.

Olle Huge's tactile and organic sculptures of realtime architectural collapse are driven by a purpose built
artificial sound laboratory which is operated by Michael Idehall.
Their collaboration is a improvisational clash between the todays society's technological prowess
and the primitive voice of humankind where the existential perspective
opens a vibratory window to the soul.

Michael Idehall ........ michael.idehall[a]gmail.com
Olle Huge ................ ollehuge[a]yahoo.se

Myspace myspace.com/soenderbyggd